High up above the functional ceilings in most homes is a mostly dead space filled with insulation, home implements, and sometimes stored stuff. Other than the occasional spider or mouse, your attic may not see a whole lot of life, but this place is vital to the health of your home. if you left last year's leaky roof problem unattended up there and you've recently discovered there's water damage hanging out in the attic, you may be tempted to let the problem go neglected because it is out of sight and out of mind. Yet, water damage in your attic can be a huge ordeal if it is left to fester. Here are the problems you should consider. 

Water damage in the attic can lead to mold in the rest of the house. 

Mold spores are microscopically tiny, and they can be set adrift on the slightest breeze—like the breeze flowing through your HVAC system. If you have mold in the attic due to water damage, it won't be long before these microscopic organisms find their way down into the air you are breathing in the rest of the house. Water damage may seem like no big deal, but when water is allowed to settle and mold begins to form, you can have a problem throughout the house in no time. 

Water damage in the attic can be invitational to pests. 

Pretend for only a moment you are a mouse. You've shimmied your way through a gap between a gutter and the roof because there's something in this structure that smells super inviting. You get inside and discover all the water you could ever need. Plus, all that dampened wood will be perfect to harvest to create your nest. This is real life for many rodents, but it's not just mice that will find a damp attic space cozy; bats, cockroaches, termites, and many other critters will as well. 

Water damage in the attic can lead to unseen structural issues everywhere else. 

Down in the main living quarters, all that insulation and other stuff that makes your house and efficient place to live are tucked away behind layers of drywall and paint. However, things up in the attic are left pretty open and vulnerable most of the time. It is not at all hard for water that leaked into the attic to make an unseen pathway down through the walls and to the lowest level, including the foundation. These issues can go unrecognized for a long time, which can lead to a lot of problems. 

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