Many Americans are anxiously looking towards summer for the warmer weather and the ability to go and meet outside once again. With so many things planned and people excited, it can be easy to forget about some of the less interesting chores or preparations you should make for the oncoming summer months. One of those is related to your home's waterproofing, specifically whether or not it is ready for the hotter temperatures. Ensuring your home's shower, kitchen, laundry, and any other wet areas are ready for summer is vital for a more carefree summer, so here are some signs you should look for that indicate your waterproofing should be repaired.


Bubbles are never a good sign in wallpaper or paint, especially not in rooms that are the aforementioned 'wet areas'. Generally, this indicates either a buildup of moisture in the area or moisture that is getting through the waterproofing and affecting the other, internal materials of your home. Either way, bubbles are not something you should take lightly, especially if it is an older house and you have never seen them before. Always get your home inspected by a waterproofing expert if you notice any kind of bubbling in the walls or flooring of your home.

Cracks In The Floor 

If you see cracks or sharp lines in your concrete, cement, tiled or stone floors, then this might be caused by poor waterproofing or waterproofing that has aged out of its usefulness. This could be caused by water pooling underneath your floor and causing divots, which then create undue stress on the flooring, creating cracks. It could also be that the water is making the flooring material flex and shrink, also causing cracks. There are many reasons why cracks can occur, and most of them are caused by poor waterproofing.

Increase Of Bacteria

The easiest way to spot hidden leaks and poor waterproofing is with your nose. Water is a breeding ground for mold and bacteria, and quite often you will smell it before you see any visible signs of it. Mold might not seem so scary on its own, but did you know that it can cause a great deal of sickness if not properly dried out and eradicated? Having mold in a house with young children or elderly relatives is even worse, so make sure that in addition to your waterproofing getting checked you make sure all the mold is gone as well.